Date: 8/30/2004
Time: 8:34:21 AM


I had this heretical thought going in my mind for a while now... You know how our reality is not the Ultimate Reality, that the Ultimate Reality can only be grounded in God... What if the whole physical universe we have here, was just the thoughts of God. He thought of me, and then therefore I exist! He thought of me, before He designed and formed me. Like a programmer programmed automatons for a virtual world. For sure the algorithmic rules and designs were already set for each of them. What blow my minds is the capability of God to be able to personally related to each one of us. The "personal relationship with God" like what evangelicals like to say. How could that be possible? We don't know, "How weighty to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!"

What's the implications for having a God who knows me personally, who loves me deeply, and who created me wonderfully? I can rest in my trust in Him, that even though I am still have many flaws and issues, but He is still working on me. He will not forsake me nor write me off. He will see to it, I am sure, that I will turn out to be what I was supposed to be.

I can rest in my trust in Him.

Coho, Midway City.

Date: 8/30/2004
Time: 3:24:32 PM


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Date: 9/4/2004
Time: 5:42:18 AM


I wish more were using this scripture. I just got back from a Directed Spiritual Retreat and this was the scripture that God directed me to to use. Grace kept coming and coming! Vs 17 says it all. One time I said, "God, how much more are You going to give me?" I just heard a chuckle. I realized that God had my undivided attention and He was going to shove everything in He could. The really really "God-incidence" was when I came home and checked the lectionary for the scriptures and this was the Psalm! I have a lot to share about this, but I am not sure anyone will be reading on this last day. If you are out there and want some of the stuff that God gave me, let me know and I will share.

Blessings, Also in WV

Date: 9/5/2004
Time: 6:55:47 AM


Could it be that God didn't want others, but wanted you to discover this site by yourself? In case someone might be reading, how about just express somethings you experienced.